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China Aviation Industry has independently developed piezoelectric vibration sensor for motor for the first time

Bao Shaoming, a scientific researcher, is also a market pioneer. He pursued the concept of "market first, output later". "If a technician does not pay attention to the market, he will not be able to do well in technology, because the market is the testing ground for our technical level!" "By integrating into international competition, only going out can we find the gap and achieve a qualitative leap forward." That's what Bao Shaoming said, and even more so. Kaitian of China Aviation Industry has established the only laboratory in China from piezoelectric sensor research and development to piezoelectric vibration sensor testing, which has achieved a historic breakthrough in the field of piezoelectric vibration sensor from scratch in China, which is a strong witness of his in-depth research and development of new technology fields.

Before 2008, there was no enterprise or Research Institute in the field of piezoelectric vibration sensor under CAAC. However, the aeroengine in our country has not been equipped with piezoelectric vibration sensors, which has lagged behind the foreign countries for nearly 50 years. All this has changed since Bao Shaoming joined Kaitian. In October 2008, a high-temperature piezoelectric vibration sensor was first applied to a key engine in China. Its operating temperature is 482 degrees Celsius and working frequency range is 2500 Hz. The performance of the product is far superior to that of the original magnetoelectric vibration sensor. The advent of this product and major breakthroughs in product technology are the fruits of Bao Shaoming's pioneering piezoelectric sensor specialty.

At the beginning of his entrepreneurship, Bao Shaoming overcame many difficulties. In the face of Kaitian's blank in vibration sensing technology, Bao Shaoming, with the strong support of the company, set up a team, prepare equipment, build a laboratory, and devote all his efforts to the development of new piezoelectric sensors. During the construction of the laboratory, many special testing equipments have no ready-made products to learn from at home; there are relevant manufacturers abroad, but because of the particularity of the experimental conditions, no ready-made equipment can be provided. Bao Shaoming spent days and nights reading materials, looking for papers, translating and digesting by himself, and designing and customizing all the test equipment by himself. Laboratory equipment was approved by the President of Sensor Business of Meggitt Group, UK: "The same!" This fully demonstrates that the laboratory is the same as Meggitt's laboratory, the world's most advanced sensor company, in terms of test conditions and technical indicators. The laboratory is also the only laboratory in China that includes all the key technologies and processes from piezoelectric sensor development to vibration sensor testing. It ensures that Kaitian has the ability to prepare, test and detect piezoelectric sensors independently, and also ensures that Kaitian has obvious advantages in this field.

After the project team's early exploration, instrument debugging and continuous testing, the laboratory formally obtained ceramic samples and entered the military system, which were loaded into the vibration sensor produced by Kaitian. Up to now, the laboratory has been completed for 4 models and 7 products. This is not only the first time that Kaitian has developed piezoelectric vibration sensors, but also the first time that China has matched piezoelectric vibration sensors on engines and gas turbines, which has reached the advanced level abroad. This series of vibration sensors have won the second prize of AVIC Industrial Science and Technology Achievement. In the past few years, Bao Shaoming and his team have independently developed the formulation and basic preparation technology of high temperature piezoelectric ceramics in Kaitian piezoelectric sensor laboratory, which has realized the mastery of the whole technology of piezoelectric vibration sensor. With the successful development of ultra-high temperature (649 degrees Celsius) piezoelectric vibration sensor and differential charge amplifier, Kaitian has become the second company to produce ultra-high temperature sensor after Meggitt, and has an absolute leading position in China.

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