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Introduction to Compound Busbar

Introduction to Compound Busbar


The composite busbar is also called the busbar, the electronic busbar, and the laminated busbar. The English name is Laminated Busbar. It is a multi-layer composite structure connected circuit composed of one or more layers of conductive materials and insulating materials. The connection row can be regarded as the expressway of the power distribution system. Compared with traditional, bulky, time-consuming and cumbersome wiring methods, the use of composite busbars can provide a modern, easy to design, fast installation and clear structure distribution system.

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  ● Error-free connection

  ●Compact design saves space


In response to customer needs

  ●Provide engineering support as soon as possible

  ●Various connection options

  ● Match the shape of customer equipment

  ●The most economical alternative to laminated busbars, easy to install and convenient for logistics

  ● Cutting-edge products for high-power occasions


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