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Workshop production process

Workshop production process

1. The appearance and performance requirements of the product are very strict. In the production process, if there is a defect in the appearance of the product, it is impossible to pass. The performance of the product is 100% pass.

copper u bend machine in india

1. The product is cut according to the design of the drawing starting from the raw material of the large piece.

2. After cutting, engrave the product according to the size with a carving machine.

3. After finishing carving, remove the tin plating, and the thickness of the tin plating measured with a thickness gauge is 0.005-0.015mm.

4. After polishing and electroplating, press and rive the copper match to the product.

5. After assembling the product, start assembling and stack the product and abrasive tools.

6. After assembling the grinding tool and the product, start hot pressing.

7. After an hour and a half of hot pressing, take it out for disassembly and take out the busbar inside. After the insulation layer and the copper plate are hot pressed, the thickness of the insulation layer is 0.15-0.20mm. This can generally be done according to customer requirements.

8. Each product must go through a detailed inspection by the quality inspector after hot pressing to check whether there are scratches on it, whether it is pressed or not in place. After the inspection, the product is qualified before it can be shipped. One flaw is not allowed to leave the factory.

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